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Washable Area Rugs

Area Rug Tips


Area rugs are fantastic additions to any home regardless of the current style and decor. To estimate the required rug size, use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the area you will lay your rug on. There are no restrictions to the length or the width of the carpet.

If you are planning to purchase modern area rugs, also consider getting modern art or a painting that will match your carpets. Modern lamps are also among the top choices that can complement your modern or oriental rugs.

area rugArea rugs are many times geometric and you can find them in a wide variety of vibrant colors. They are veritable works of art for your floor. They can either complement the room or contrast it, but anyway they work, they will always be a plus in comfort.

Modern area rugs have the power to bring warmth, color, life and vibrancy by themselves to any room or area of your home or office. Modern always means fun and ecstatic, so keep in mind that they might not mesh well in an old fashioned or colonial room.

Area rugs are available in many forms and styles, such as oriental, contemporary, outdoor, animal print rugs or braided rugs. Some of these area rugs are machine washable, which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.  

Country style is a very popular choice at this moment, so you might want to try for yourself a new fresh approach with country style area rugs. When decorating a room, the accent of the area rug can fill the whole place with its style, and this is one aspect that many people unwisely disregard.

From the traditional to contemporary, shag to sisal, oriental to modern, western style, or outdoor rug models, just find the one that matches your personal style, or the one that enhances the look and the feel of your room.

Don’t ignore the color scheme; each color has its different meaning and brings its own feelings to the place it’s displayed. There are area rugs with heavily sculpted shapes that weave in and out to create a bold style in green, blue, and grey.

area rugsKeep in mind a few rules when making a rug selection. If your current furniture or drapes are already upholstered with a lot of patterns, than it’s better to go for minimal pattern rugs, or even solid color ones.

On the other hand, if your furniture and accessories have little or no pattern, you will have a wider range of patterns you can choose in the area rugs or runner rugs, from a minimalist solid color to a extremely decorative traditional rug.

It’s recommended to use solid and complementary colors to create a color scheme throughout the entire room. You can use transitional rugs or solid color rugs to alleviate the bump between styles, if that is too obvious. In some cases, people want to highlight the floor in a certain area.


You can do that too if you want, by selecting a smaller size area rug in a smoothed solid color or perhaps a similar to the floor pattern to perfectly show it off.