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Washable Area Rugs

Whether the floor of your home is wood, carpet or tile, washable area rugs will prove to be fabulous additions to your room’s interior décor.

An area rug can be used in different rooms of your house, and it is not uncommon to see a rug in every room.

An area rug is used in living rooms for adding to general décor, to define television viewing areas, seating and general usage area, and to provide paths for traffic flow and patterns.

A fine area rug will be an honored piece of décor in the middle of your room.

Washable Rugs - Types

  • Washable area rugs are available in different sizes, patterns and shapes and will do its best to enhance your home décor.
  • Silk is utilized in making highest quality area rugs because they are stronger than any other fabric and can hold dyes excellently. Silk is often blended with wool to add shine and luster and also to reduce price to some extent.

   washable area rugs  machine washable rug  washable rug  washable area rug

  • Woolen rugs are also quite popular in today’s society because of their luster and durability. Wool is known to last longer and it also looks very nice, apart from being quite affordable. Wool comes in a variety of grades and finer wool obviously makes a better area rug.
  • Synthetic wool blends can also be bought, which is good quality in lower price. Cotton rags rugs are very soft on bare feet and more affordable than wool but they are not quite as durable. To overcome this shortcoming, cotton-wool blends are available which make them look good as well as affordable.

     washable rugs             washable area rug                washable rug

  • Synthetic fibers such as nylon are very affordable and are great for areas that receive very high traffic throughout the day. The best thing is that all versions of all these types of area rugs are machine washable, and thus the cleaning is less of a headache for the owners.
  • Traditional designs such as Oriental and Persian are frequently seen with floral patterns. Newer styles of washable area rugs are casual, country, transitional and contemporary and many may be an updated version of traditional designs. Novelty, modern and casual washable area rugs can come in all shapes, sizes and designs.
  • There are also outdoor area rugs that are able to withstand sun, weather and other types of rough treatment, while still being machine washable.

       machine washable rugs              washable area rugs              washable rugs

Machine Washable Rugs – Buying Considerations

If you are aware of certain facts, including how the rug was made, you will be able to shop intelligently and you will end up with a good quality and durable area rug in your room. 

First of all, you should consider the size of the machine washable rugs. The basic thumb rule is to buy a rug that is approximately 18-24 inches from the edges of the walls in the chosen room, or ‘area’ that you’re trying to define, including for a washable kitchen rug.

You have to arrange your room’s furniture before buying a rug and you have to decide whether your want the legs of your furniture on or off the rug.

Make sure that the area rug you buy is easily machine washable, because you will not want to get it washed through expensive professional cleaners.